Your road to high performance eating starts here.


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Your road to high performance eating starts here.


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The FTR Academy is a bike-specific, 100% online nutrition education programme for riders of all disciplines to accelerate their physical development and achieve peak performance.


Chris Lowe, MSc
Founder of Fuel The Ride







Build the foundation by learning the fundamentals of performance based eating in preparation for the High Performance Learning Modules 



Build your personalised Nutrition Programme for any performance or physique goal without giving up your social life (plus access to 7-day meal plans)



Discover the cutting edge strategies to optimise your physique: From fat loss to muscle gain, we guide you every step of the way to success




The High Performance Learning Modules will take your understanding of bike-specific nutrition to new heights. The FTR team leave no stone left unturned by covering every area of Peak Performance to ensure you have 100% clarity to tackle any ride, race or event. This is where the higher level of learning really starts:

Optimising Fuelling Strategies | Maximising Recovery | Race Day Nutrition for ALL riding disciplines | Bike specific Supplements | Bulletproof Immunity | Injury Nutrition | Living Elite | And so much more...

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 Wahoo Le Col

Race Team

Bryn Griffith - Team Director

Chris from FTR has a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful in the sport.

He provides our team with comprehensive educational support, including nutrition plans, nutrition advice, and mental preparation strategies helping us to optimize our diet for performance and helping us to stay focused and motivated during races.

I highly recommend Fuel the Ride Academy to any cyclist who is looking to improve their performance. The educational support that Chris provides for our team is invaluable, and I know that its helping us to achieve our goals.

Dialled Performance DH Team

Dave Swale - Team Manager


I used FTR with my Performance Programme athletes this year and I cannot endorse Chris and the programme enough!

The educational trainings took us through everything from planning our weekly diet, fuelling training and recovery and preparing for and optimising race events. Chris not only shared his expertise but also delivered countless practical tips that made our nutrition planning workable.

I would recommend FTR to anyone that is serious about mountain biking, and  I would say it’s essential to anyone aspiring to race competitively!

Stacey Paul - Road Cycling


As someone trying to race competitively while having a demanding job, I have absolutely loved the insights gained through the FTR Academy!

While going through the coursework, I have applied what I am learning, and it has been noticeably beneficial to my performance on the bike!

The course is incredibly practical, and the access to Chris and Ben on a weekly basis is a huge plus.

I would recommend this course to an athlete of any level as it can be applied across the board, no matter your goals, and there is something to learn for everyone!


Drew Mc Kinley  - Cycle Cross


I highly recommend the Fuel The Ride Academy to any cyclist. It has given me a greater understanding of my nutritional needs to perform better during my training sessions and races.

Although I'm in the early days of the programme, I can already see changes that have helped my performance and recovery on the bike.

In addition to the course content, the weekly Zoom meetings with Chris and Ben are valuable and not to be missed. Thanks, lads. 

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