Meet The FTR Coaches

Chris Lowe, MSc, FTR founder


Chris has a decade of experience coaching at the highest level in elite sport.

Chris has a BSc in Sports Biomedicine & Nutrition, and an MSc in Sport & Exercise Nutrition. This academic base has provided the platform to build a successful online coaching business to support athletes competing at an international level: including world tour riders and world cup winning downhill racers.

Chris founded the FTR Academy as he frequently sees the negative impacts to performance and health when cyclists get their nutrition wrong. In contrast, he’s seen how powerful high performance eating can be to improve the performance and lives of the athletes he’s coached.

Chris and his team aim to transform the way our cycling community views food to enable every rider to live healthier, happier, high performances lives.

Ben Price, MSc, FTR head coach


Ben has the perfect blend of academic qualifications, experience working with pro-riders, and racing at an elite level.

He has a 1st Class Honours Degree in Sports Science, a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Nutrition from the IOC, and an MSc in Sports Nutrition.

Ben’s also completed research surrounding carbohydrate intake for peak performance – So when it comes to maximising your potential on the bike through high performance eating, he’s the best man for the job!

If that’s not enough, he’s raced from minutes to hours at an Elite Level in the Cross Country and Gravity Enduro disciplines and has been part of the TORQ Performance Mountain Bike Team and Whyte Bikes Gravity Enduro Teams.



Just like you, the FTR team got into riding bikes for the sheer fun and fulfilment it brings.

From chasing lap times at your local track, to your friends on the descents...Whether you're going for Olympic gold or gunning for Queen of the mountain...Or perhaps touring from town-town and turning your ride into a social event...

Either way, we want to enjoy the ride and live a great life through riding bikes. Because, man, it's just class.

BUT, being in a hole, bonking, and fading away both physically and mentally isn't conducive of this. Far from it. This isn't fun. We want to have an awesome day in the saddle, not fighting unnecessary and preventable battles.

To maximise our potential and enjoyment whilst on the bike, we need to fuel the ride.

Most will identify with being a cyclists. We wear that label with pride, which means we value it. Since it's one of our highest values, let's ensure we have the right habits to make the most of it.

You probably don't need more riding kit or a new sleeker saddle. You need to fuel the ride...and this is what we promise to deliver.

Because trust us, when you know how to do it correctly, it's priceless.